We have a wide range of services.


Buy and sell your horse.
With my numerous connections I can help you in the search for a new horse or support you in selling your horse, so that there is a great chance of success.

I can break your horse in the saddle, ride it through and/or show it in the sport: jumping and dressage (no eventing competitions), I also treath horses with trauma.
I draw up an appropriate training and feeding schedule for each horse.

Reception of broodmares
If your mare is pregnant, but you do not have the opportunity to have your mare delivered at home or if you prefer someone else to accompany your mare, you can certainly contact us.
All stables are equipped with cameras with which we have a 24/7 view without having to disturb the horses continuously and which also allows us to intervene quickly.
We have a certified Veterinarian less than 5 minutes from our location to which we are affiliated.


We do not use standard prices. Prices will be discussed with you after an introductory meeting where everyone's questions are fully answered.