My name is Wendy Klijn, born in Alkmaar in the Netherlands and active in equestrian sports since childhood.

I am a passionate jumping rider (ZZ in the Netherlands) with a lot of feeling for the horse. I ride each horse in a way that is most comfortable for them and feel that perfectly.
They used to call me the horse whisperer. Thanks to my calmness and patience, I manage to communicate perfectly with the horses.
When I think of horses, I think of honesty and balance.

Honesty because I find it extremely important that every horse that is sold has a clear character description and inspection certificate. A horse that has defects will, whenever possible, always stay with us to enjoy his/her equine life.

Balance because there is nothing better for a horse. With a show jumper, the balance between dressage and jumping is the guiding principle. No good course without fine dressage.

In addition, it is also a very good training to go straight on our dead straight.

A happy horse is a fine horse!